In the early seventies, some different kind of businessmen believed that It was time to offer their city, Barcelona, brand new services to the growing automotive sector, wich was becoming more important faster on those days. In that way, they decided to open three establishments for the car parking so much for rotation vehicles that the subscribing customers.
More than fourty years later, these car Parks still keep on offering its users those services wich bring him prestige and recognition among car Parks sector: special attention to each other, cleaning, careful security, large spaces, twenty four hours oponed every day of the year & long experience and high qualified personal.
The beggining idea for those establishments in this progress procedure is still completely valid nowadays, so it seems our customers recognize it, and that’s why we invite you to visit us and verify how we try through our businesses to get succesfull what the great Cervantes said about our Cosmopolitan city: “Barcelona is the archive of courtesy”.
To sum up, in our car Parks, you and your Vehicle will enjoy the best deal in the city, best offers and lowest prices all around. Looking forward to meet you,
The Direction

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